Tiffany Miller – Medford, Oregon Oregon


The worst kind of female (Tiffany Miller) is one who will smile in your face like she’s your friend, all the while she’s betraying you with your man behind your back… BUT EVEN WORSE WHEN ITS YOUR VERY OWN SISTER/BLOOD!! Not to mention it was just a couple weeks prior to you finding this out, she was sleeping with one of my best friends men too. This friend is supposed to be a good friend of Tiffany’s too… in fact it was Tiffany’s go to person to cry and vent to when Tiffany was going through heart ache from her baby’s father not even 6 months ago, AND this friend got Tiffany a bad ass job with her mom making good money so she could build her self worth back. Then our friend happens to get into her daughter’s father (whom she still loves and has feelings for, that Tiffany is well aware of) Facebook and what do you know my now dead to me sister has been sleeping with him since September 13th! It’s a good thing my husband is in federal prison and she can’t have sex with him or it would of happened… just like she has all my boyfriend’s before I was married! I’m more hurt and still don’t even know how to feel on my husband’s part of this because like I said I’m used to it with her scandalous ass. He has not even tried to call me at all because he knows I know now and he knows they are both wrong. To me talking/texting the things they were talk texting is just as much wrong as actually sleeping together. I can’t even wrap my mind around it and I don’t even know what to say or think… except he’s dead to me, the divorce papers are in progress and I hope that Home Wrecker is ready for what’s next!

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