Tiffany Nicole Matlock Bulin – Ada, Oklahoma Oklahoma


This is Tiffany Nicole Matlock Bulin. She is definitely known around considering she is constantly moving town to town and state to state. Tiffany will willingly spread her legs for a corn chip. She is 20 years old and lives at home with her mommy, she get knocked up and has a daughter by a man that “raped” her but it’s funny cause she used to text me and post pics about him and them doing it. LOL. She can’t keep anything to herself her mouth never shuts up, and everyone knows her as the liar of the town cause all she does is lies and photoshops her pics (as seen above) she is about 290 but slims it down to about 130 in pics. Don’t let this girl meet your boyfriend cause she will definitely try to sleep with them, she just got knocked up again twice by two different men and tells other men it’s theirs so she can get child support she went her whole pregnancy taking a man to court screaming it was her baby and when the dna text came back and he found out it wasn’t his she claimed somebody raped her on the side of the road, but it turned out to be the guy she was cheating on the other man with. She’s been sleeping with this guy here lately that is dating someone else and got busted then he got dumped and now they are living with her mama in ada plus she got pregnant by him while he was still with his ex but she aborted the baby to hide it, and then she gets pregnant again!! She goes to party’s to fake like she’s drunk just to spread her legs then claims she’s got raped which everyone knows is a lie because that’s her sob story to get other men to sleep with her… no wonder why she keeps getting kicked out of town, all these girlfriends of the men she’s sleeping with have it out and about for this nasty cow.

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