Tiffany – Spokane, Washington Washington


This dirty little girl never quits she swears that she is an A1 mom, super star, cowgirl, best hunter on this planet, super hypochondriac, but in all honesty she’s nothing but a washed up child who is f###### everyone , a skanky chick who talks about all her exes that did her so “wrong”… did I mention that she’s a mother those poor babies get to be humiliated by this trash. She calls herself a supermom to the children that she pawned off to her ex. he is sucking and f###### her way through the spokane Stampede… there isn’t a guy that has to beg much to get what they want out of her . No wonder her ex husband threw her out like week old tuna salad. She prowls around preying on men that she can manipulate and sink her dirty claws into, then when they try to escape she threatens and makes good on her promises of ruining their lives. Enough is never enough with this girl she’s driven by image so if you are about 45/50 years old, wear camo all the time beware!!!! She talk sh#t about people in front of others to try and make herself feel better… believe me i was one of those “friends , aka f*** buddies”

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