Tiffany Taylor Cheney – Salt Lake City, Utah Utah


This is unfortunate looking specimen is Tiffany Taylor Cheney. She looks like she was beat by the ugly stick. I went to school with her most of my life. She was married to a guy she has been with since middle school. It was a weird relationship because she was constantly cheating on him trough high school and they end up getting married. Well as you know, the leopard doesn’t change his spots. Within the first year she was married she started sleeping with her much older married boss! The affair went on for almost two years before her husband grabbed her phone from her hands before she could lock it and saw the massages confirming she was sleeping with her boss. Her husband told people he literally had to push her outside the house and lock it because she was scratching and ripping his shirt trying to get her phone back lol. Tiffany was her bosses baby sitter too. The dude had been married 20 years and had 4 kids with his wife. Tiffany is so insane she would brag to people about her rich sugar daddy boss. She bragged he bought her a brand new jeep. She is literally proud of ruining a family. Since the affair has come out lots of other women have come forward saying how they caught Tiffany sending other husbands private messages on Facebook, texting etc. and the reason why I’m making this post is because I just found out she private messaged my cousins husband too. She’s a homewrecker. She loves attention from married men. And she’s gonna cross the wrong wife one day!

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