Tiffany Travis – Endicott, New York New York


Tiffany Travis likes to sleep with unavailable men. CLEARLY knows they are about to be married and screws everything up. Many many emails talking shit about the fiancÚ, tried telling my friends fiancÚ that she had a 10yr I.U.D. and couldn’t get pregnant, then continued to email my friends fiancÚ even after my friend messaged/ emailed her telling her to stay away from her husband. I want to post them so bad but I also want to protect my friends identity. My friend and her boyfriend didn’t get married like they were suppose to But are trying to work on their relationship. He was in the wrong to just as much as the Homewrecker and he almost lost everything so he’s trying to make well and do right by my friend. But another thing I don’t understand is her profile says she’s married as well soooo is she cheating on someone who deserves to know shes scum??

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