Tiffany (Woodward) Poust – Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania


In Sept 2017 it would be the first time my spouse ever cheated. It first started as a kiss in September with a girl who knew he was married conveniently she is married too also a mother like me doesn’t understand how another women can do this to another women but in a shock of disbelief even after confronting her when he came clean she decided to be a friend to me. She is 10 years younger then me so ok she screwed up (yes I know stupid me) but then she invited us to her home for the Halloween parade and I figured it would be nice to meet her not knowing anything is going on. She messaged me everyday talking to me, being nice to me, and acting like a friend only to find out that after she slept with my husband in the beginning of October. She kept talking to him behind my back even though they never physically touched. After that it took him a little to realize the games she was playing with his head and took me a little to realize it too. Yes I know again, so stupid of me and believe me he doesn’t get to be just forgiven either. She was also suppose to be a friend and she was suppose to be a wife and a mother. How stupid I was not to see… some people just don’t get that if you wouldn’t like that done to you don’t do it to others… I have no clue where my husbands brain was but he already knew before he kissed her that she already slept with other coworkers. I guess when your so good at lying about your so called pity life you just know how to wiggle anyone right in… Happy to say though, my husband and I are working through this. He has a lot to prove, but in 10 years he made 1 mistake. I made a mistake to when we first got together… I wasn’t perfect and I’m still not. I have my flaws. He tries everyday to show me and tell me how sorry he is. We have been doing so well I’m happy to say we will be expecting a little one near the end of 2017 ( no was not planned or expected but he is so excited and is ready to be a daddy again and is ready for our miracle to get here we see this as another sign that this is just something that was meant to be the pregnancy not the affair) to all the men and women that have to go through this I am deeply sorry, I truly am. Our 9 year wedding anniversary is 7-22 and I never thought I’d have to live with something like this. NO ONE  SHOULD HAVE TO. If you feel like there is something going on, don’t be quite about it. Talk to your partner and talk to that other person if you love your partner. Do what is best for your family.

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