Tiffiany L. Wyatt – Spring Hill, Florida Florida


Tiffiany L. Wyatt knowingly entered into a physical and emotional affair with a married man. She knew that he had a bunch of children too, including an infant at the time that the affair began. She has a significant other and children of her own too. None of these facts stopped her from doing so or continuing the inappropriate contact for an extended period of time. She went above and beyond, finding and maintaining secretive means, to carry on communication behind the backs of her partner and his spouse. She finally decided that they should “stop sneaking around”. How noble! But she still hid from the truth, likely assuming that they would never get caught. They both thought they could have their cake and eat it too. Perhaps they just were victims of eachother’s irresistible charm. But the truth prevails. And the truth is, there’s no excuse for meddling in someone else’s marriage and betraying your own commitments in the process. No one can make you make a bad decision. If she’s upset that people found out, maybe she should be a little better at covering her tracks next time. Hopefully there won’t be a next time though. There are enough broken families out there. Keep it classy, ladies and gentlemen. Tell them to “go home to their wife/husband!”. It’s not worth the messy situation being created. But if you go there, be prepared to carry it out and deal with the consequences of what you started.

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