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Complaint: I purchased several computer components from TigerDirect.com, one of which was 4gb of Adata RAM which was to have a $20.00 rebate. I completed the forms, attached the printed web receipt I received from TigerDirect and the original barcode label from the memory packaging as required. Everything was mailed in on 3/11/15. It has been a few weeks, so I just went on to the rebate site to check the status. This is what it says: 3/20/2015 9:27:32 AM Documentation Received. Below that; 3/21/2015 5:05:27 AM “Declined”” Illegible Documentation – CLEAR copy of Receipt/Invoice or Packing List is missing or illegible. How much more clear could it be? Moral of the story – DO NOT buy anything from TigerDirect that is price driven by a rebate – you will not receive it. When I figure in the additional cost of the rebate that I didn’t receive

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Address: I could have purchased comparable memory locally for $10 less.”


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