Tiger Direct Kansas City Kansas Review


I have no idea what happened to Tiger Direct. We LOVED TD for years, recommended them to all our clientele, the whole nine yards. Then something changed, and we realized this in early February 2014.The short version: We placed an order (over a thousand dollars worth) and paid for expedited shipping. AFTER we paid we got an email saying the items wouldn’t arrive until WAY after when we needed them for a client. Called TigerDirect and worked with a CS Agent to cancel the order, then repurchase a different set of selections that would arrive on time. We realized the start of a problem when we didn’t get our cancelled order refunded. Maybe some people can live with over a grand locked up waiting on being returned, but we aren’t those people. We stopped counting after 28 hours spent attempting to resolve everything via their phone network, being transferred, disconnected, treated rudely on some calls, kept on hold during one call while she “checked something”” for FORTY MINUTES and THEN disconnected us. The replacement transaction made after the cancelled order had to be processed through our bank SIX times

despite the bank specifically authorizing the transaction (which was unnecessary for our bank account) and was only successful after we actually had a bank representative call in via 3-way calling to authorize it directly with their agents. All of this and we were STILL somehow charged for an order we cancelled the week before

with the express help of their agents

and replaced with a new order

which STILL showed up with one laptop entirely inoperable.After the inoperable laptop was reported (immediately) to TD

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