Tiki Island Coin Company Burlingame California


Complaint: I had the same experience as Art (previous report from 11/14/2011). I purchased a roll of 20 2011 American Silver Eagles from Tiki Island Coin Co. on Ebay back on 4/5/2011. When my order never showed up, I called and emailed the seller (ebay username “tiki-island-coin”” seller name “”Glorie Tenio””) several times. They never returned my calls. I also attempted to recover my losses through Ebay

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: but they declined because I used my debit/credit card at the time and not one of their payment methods eliglbe for payment protection (i.e. Paypal). The seller changed their Ebay username a couple times and finally disappeared completely after dozens of negative feedbacks. I was contacted by USPIS for their mail fraud investigation but nothing came of that for me because I did not send payment through the mail. I also filed a compliant with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) on 7/11/2011 but never heard back. If anyone had the same experience and was able to be made whole somehow

Website: 409-795-1549

Phone: please let me know.”

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