Tim Wood – San Francisco, California California


I lived with Tim Wood, owner of Livescifi and he is the scum of the earth! He doesn’t pay child support and he scams people for money and cheats on his wife. When viewers donate money, he uses the money to get more tattoos. He uses women for their money or their skills then posts video footage all over YouTube. He buys his fans and followers so people will think he’s a big deal and send him more money. Norene Balovich worked with him since 2007 and helped him scam people until he fired her because she started working with Dave Spinks. Dave and Tim hate each other. Tim prefers to date Asian women because he can push them around and they won’t say anything. He can’t hold down a job and has been married since 2014 to Brandine Ehlers who is a well known drug addict. They got married after knowing each other for only 2 months. Tim is also a drug addict and has a doll fetish. According to Norene Balovich of Paranormal zone tv, Tim is also known to abuse animals and women. Norene has been witnessed saying this on her YouTube live streams along with Niki ParaUnnormal. Both she-males bash Tim all the time. Norene has made many petitions and radio shows about Tim trying to “warn” people about him but she gets angry when no one listens. Tim has numerous social media accounts and websites that he uses to troll his own channels and those of people he hates. He brings bad luck to everyone he encounters and will try and collaborate with anyone who will help him scam more money. Norene tried to warn me about him but he made me think she was crazy and she really was but anything is better than living with him. He locked me in the apartment and tracked my phone and computer. He also won’t give me back my belongings and tried to get me arrested for coming home to my own house to get my stuff. He has a creepy fetish for dolls and clowns and I refused to do things with either. I think that’s why everyone leaves him if they can. He’s creepy and cruel. Mike Ghostgetter Radio Show happened back in April 2015 and was orchestrated by Norene Balovich , Dave Spinks, and Anthony Sanchez to warn the public about Tim and his scams. Now he just posts “live” videos that are actually just reruns of his old footage. He has 5 kids that he doesn’t take care of and has been arrested for drugs, DUI, fraud and domestic abuse according to Dave and Norene. I wish he would divorce me but he refuses and he moves too many times for me to serve him. He is scary

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