TIM BAUMANN CHAD BROZOVICH SHEA BYERS SAVANNAH LAND COMPANY SAVANNAH HOMES SYMPHONY DEVELOPMENT GROUP 3BREC REAL ESTATE TIM BAUMANN REMAX ANY person looking to rent or buy from these crooks better think again, a quick check of the COLLIN COUNTY DEED RECORDS under the name of SYMPHONY DEVELOPMENT GROUP, will show these people take rental payments but do not pay HOMEOWNERS DUES, several of their properties are in foreclosure currently and have been in foreclosure. THE units they sell are constructed so poorly that everything in them is falling apart, they will refuse to fix any item, they will lie to you, they will steal from you, TIM BAUMANN has a CPA license, he thinks he is a practicing attorney, but he is just a big dumb LUNKHEAD, with way too much face tanner. THE OTHER two fools, CHAD BROZOVICH AND SHEA BYERS, should spend more time trying to lose weight than hitting on their tenants asking for dates because they are too fat to get one. GO and rent anywhere but from these guys, they have SOOOO many properties that are not being rented due to the fact the condos are so poorly decorated and poorly built that no one wants them. Beware of any rental payments you make them, they do not own these companies any payments you make are subject to being not credited and ultimately you may be a victim of foreclosure. They will not fix repairs in your property, they will charge you late fees for fraudulent amounts and they will come into your condo and take your things while you are gone. DO NOT RENT FROM THESE PEOPLE OR BUY FROM THEM, THEY DO NOT OWN THESE PROPERTIES DO NOT GET CAUGHT UP IN A MADOFF SCAM!!! iM A wanna be San Francisco, California U.S.A. .

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