Timothy Freshower, Shelby North Carolina Review


Mr. Freshower was doing business as Approved Housing in Gastonia, NC. He sold me a home and I bought it outright from him. That was my first mistake. Many of the colors we had picked for the home were not right. Wrong stove, wrong fireplace, sloppy work on inside and outside of house. Oh, I forgot, as soon as I handed him a check for $94,500.00 all of a sudden he became Westlake builders in Lincolnton, NC. When the home was delivered he allowed workmen to come in and out and leave doors and windows open while the home was in an unsecured rural area. I put up gates at the drive and asked him to make sure the house was locked and the gates were locked. I asked him to call me each time workers were to be there. He did nothing. As a result the house had four keyed entries. In other words, no one broke in someone came in with a key. My $1800 refrigerator was stolen. Someone tried to steal the stove but we found it. I called the Office of the State Fire Marshall in Raleigh, NC because he completely stopped working on the house. I had to hire a lawyer and got no where with that. The OSFM could not really do much because he didn’t need a license to sell mobile homes anymore but they did do an inspection and reported it. They also came from Raleigh, NC to check and see what had been done. He dragged his feet but did most of it. I have NEVER received the original keys to my house from him. We actually had to change the locks so we could both leave the house at the same time. He told me he had all the bills, receipts, and paperwork for everything that was done to the house, yet, when I asked to see and make copies of this paperwork he claimed he didn’t have time tio get it together and wanted to charge me to do so!!! We even did not get the house we ordered but we decided to keep the one we got. nI bought the house in June of 2009 and we did not and were not able to move in until July of 2010. we were actually homeless for about three months. Did Tim care? No he did not. I had to call him to get the house inspected so the power lines could be put down and then I had to call again to get the heat pump charged. The wrong coil was put in the house for the heat pump but the company that installed it came and fixed everything about that. Did Tim care? No he did ;not. He cdonstantly lies. He said the heat pump people received 90 per cent of his business. When I told this to the service manager at the heat pump business he told me that he no longer does business with Tim Freshower because Timm owes his company a lot of money. I could go on and on and tommorrow I might. Just STAY AWAY from Westlake Builders and Tim Freshower.

2403 River Road Lincolnton, North Carolina United States of America

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