Tim’s Discount Appliances Jacksonville Florida Review


I bought a refrigerator from Tim who advertises frequently on Craig’s List. He promises a warranty which is why I bought from him in the first place. On day one, problems began. He made promise after promise that he would fix the problem. After THREE months he finally sent out a repairman who said that the fridge needed a new seal. Tim then told me it was too expensive to bother with. He said I should have just got a new fridge and if I didn’t leave him alone he would take actions including threatening myself and my family.I finally got fed up and went to his “place of business”” as listed in business records to get my money back. That’s it

simply pay me back for the junk that was sold to me. It turns out that this business address is an address on Beach Boulevard that is actually a vacant lot. With the assistance of those who wonderful professionals who specialize in fraud and crime prevention he was tracked down to a storage unit on Beach Blvd.He refuses to answer phone calls and will not honor his warranty. He told me that if I don’t leave him alone he will do what he has done to everyone who has dared to pursue a refund. When asked if that was a threat

he simply said that is the way it is.He advertises on Craigs List

so let the buyer beware from my experience. I was taken

don’t let yourself be taken.”

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