Tina Hice Brown – Melbourne, Florida Florida


This woman chased my husband like a dog in heat. Wouldn’t leave him alone even after he broke it off. She has abandoned her kids to live with a married man. Also left her mother too because they lived together with her husband and kids. She feels that because she was in a bad marriage it was okay to cheat and steal another woman’s husband. She is so insecure that she has to be at every one of my daughters softball practice because her father and my husband is the coach and she has no kids on the team. So why isn’t she taking care of her own kids: worthless mother and insecure. Because she’s been married twice and stoled my husband. Once a cheater always a cheater. My husband supports her but not his own daughter. A real winner. Also her first marriage ended because she drank too much and her husband now told me she likes her alcohol and whenever they went out he had to make sure he didn’t drink because he new she would always get drunk. This is a woman that has no respect for other people’s marriages and destroys and scars the children for life… She is just showing her daughters that it’s okay to be a HOMEWRECKER, have a man take care of you like a prostitute and steal another woman’s husband and especially that it’s okay to abandon her children for someones else’s husband… Beware she’s a real winner!! She lives off two men, her husband and mind.

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