Tina Solomon – Jacksonville, Florida Florida


Tina Rae Solomon, was originally Tina Edwards 49 from Birdsville, Tina Cast, Tina Pressey, Tina Spray, Tina Wright, Tina Crawley and currently Tina Solomon as you can see she gets around and that is just marriages that I have found on her might be more. Serious warning cause if you catch her She’s an infection that don’t go away usually by blackmailing the married men and the poor me card. Her motto is married men but no one is off limits to this skank not even her own family yes her family… yuck. Beware she is very deranged and capable of anything she keeps a water bottle full of vodka in her purse. Very Psychotic so you have been warned Jacksonville and Surrounding areas inlcuding Clay, Macclenny and other County’s If you see her run the other way She runs around in a 2005 Ford Escape.

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