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Purchased 4 brand new tires from tire club today (12/30/2014) and bought them for out door pricing. Took them to fort bliss autocraft shop to get mounted and balanced for $30, when tire club wanted $60. Tires would not balance correctly. Called company and talked to manager, explained situation and was told to come in and have them try to balance them for $20 a tire. I told him I didnt agree with this and I shouldnt be charged at all for there bad product. He lpwered his price to $10 a tire and then started to tell me your going to have to deal with it because we didnt balance them. So I go in a argument over the phone and ended up going to the warehouse and talking to that manager and they balanced them for free and upon getting keeps back to leave the texh told me two of the tires side was were deformed and they replaced them for no charge. Do not I repeat do not go to the tony lama store. Manager was rude and out to take my money, either for being military or just plain full of cash ready to spend. Also no warranty for road side hazards was allowed to be applied to purchase. Which is very shady since Martin tire does for everyone of there tires. Do not recommend soldiers go here or anyone who cares about there vehicle or wallets. .

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