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Complaint: I purchased four tires 9/16/2000 from Tires Plus for $713.87. I had them on my car for two months prior to winter tires being installed. In April of 2001 I remounted these tires (summer tires only). I had a non-repairable puncture in one tire in May of 2001. I called Tires Plus to purchase a new replacement tire and was told that these tires were discontinued and no longer available. I stated that I had just purchased these in September of last year and that they had very minimum mileage on them. They suggested I buy two new tires of the same brand, but different model. I decided that I would search the local stores and the web to try to purchase the one tire that I actually needed, but this was to no avail. They were no longer available. At the same time I had the District Manager (Don Hanaran) of Tires Plus do an all store search to see if one could be found. I also called Dunlop (manufacturer of tire) to see if I could purchase one from them. They explained to me that that particular tire had been discontinued since the fall of 1998. They also informed me that I would need all four tires exchangednot two, due to tire/tread incompatibility. They said they would work with Tires Plus on replacement of all four tires. I then called the Tires Plus District Manager back and asked why they were selling two year old discontinued tires without customer notification. He replied, “this happens””. I replied that I was willing to pay for one tire

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Address: which I had punctured

Website: but that it would be to my agreement. They started working on my car

Phone: but not for four. They stated they would contact Dunlop and work out a deal. They called me back and stated that new tires were being shipped and they would have them at the store soon. I asked them how much I was liable for and they told me they did not know at this time

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