Titanium TV Box PA Review


I purchased the Titanium TV box from Viking Wave which was suppose to be $49.00. Then I was sent the box from Titanium TV Box from LA, Cal. and was charged $77.00. It did not work for me, so I sent it back under the full refund, no questions asked within two weeks. I have been e mailing back and forth for 3 months, and get nothing but the run around. They give you a phone number, but no one ever answers. Now, since I told them I am going to the BBB, they do not respond to me any longer. I looked them up on the BBB of California, and found they already have 27 reports against them, and have never heard anything back from them. So now I know I was scammed!!

941 S. Vermont Ave. Ste.101 #216 Los Angeles, California United States


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