To Pauly Costa and Lori, Massachusetts


He says he loves u .but talks to me and text me alot . That he loves and misses me .now I have left him out of my life .to move on to a better life . But Lori or anyone elses out there . Beware of his lies . I have texts and voicemails .so if he tell u this is a lie .u better think twice as for Lori what ever u do on Saturday he coming over my house till I stopped it last Saturday sent him back home to u cause now he can use u .I am done with Pauly Costa from fall river all this is true . I have proof I bet he will tell u I am crazy like he says about u . Tell u this cause I know I wish someone had told me his brother Bobbie his friends Johnny Dave and the rest of u never had enough balls to say he was seeing someone else’s . As for Lori u had to know about me Suzy

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