Toby Segelquist – Pea Ridge, Arkansas Arkansas


This guy right here†Toby Segelquist is the example of how a husband shouldnít be. He is the king of them all. When people call oilfield workers cheaters they really are. They go home to their wives like everything is fine then go to their secret family other times. But he doesnít need any help breaking up his home is wife is just as bad. Pregnant and doesnít even know who the father is. Itís not so much as heís breaking up other peopleís homes, but he is breaking his own. Then likes to play Mr. Innocent like nothing is wrong and he didnít do anything. He has zero remorse for his actions and will never stop cheating. He loves to play games and make the victims think he is this Mr. Workout guy. He spends his time lurking around the Gym looking for girls to believe his lies. Everything in the dark comes to light and he may want to get some glssses because itís fixing to get pretty bright outside.

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