Todd Kaluzny Hazel Park Michigan


Complaint: i retained Mr. Todd Kaluzny to handle what should have been a very easy case. I was charged with a minor crime. Todd told me he saved people for al iiving so i thought this would be an easy case for him. He got me in more trouble then I have ever been in in my life. Todd’s reprentation of me was totally wrong. He jammed me in a position that he could not get me out of. He appoligized but he was un able to fix the problem he caused. I would not let this lawyer handle a traffic ticket for me. Based on my personal experience, you will get a better result all by yourself. Beware! He seems to have a health problem that causes him to use drugs which impare his memory of events. Hiring a bad lawyer can get you into real trouble so I felt it was very important to let people know how bad he was for me. Tom

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Address: 31700 West 13 Mile Rd., Suite 107 Farmingon Hills , Michigan USA


Phone: 248-721-1093

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