Todd MacDonald – Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania Men


This douchebag right here convinced his (now ex) wife it was time to have kids (even though he didn’t take care of his own daughter he already had, she did). A week before she was due, he flipped out, starting draining bank accounts (which she didn’t know until after the baby came, and he proceeded to uphold the story that someone stole his bank card and took out the cash, until finally he admitted it was him to the detective on the case), and being a totally different person. He was up all night every night, on his phone, and never let his phone out of his sight. During labor, same thing. This continued until their son was 4 weeks. He had swore he was going camping a few hours away… But low and behold, he flew across the country. He denies it was to see a woman, but his facebook connections prove otherwise. Also, he passed out, twice, drunk or exhausted who knows, on his newborn son, almost killing him. Twice. Ladies, stay far far away. Men, too. He’s racking up his numbers with two children (one, his parent’s share custody of, the other- mentioned in this post- he has lost ALL rights to. He has been married twice, faithful exactly zero times. He likes to ruin credit (including purposely having his house foreclosed upon and filing bankruptcy) and not pay child support. RUN!

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