Told me to get unnecessary tests and charged me a fortune


I had been to the parkway for my French bulldog’s ear disease a year ago. My experience did not go well and I thought of changing my vet at that time and I even did, around then, Dr. Bloomberg was unreliable and unkind. Everything was very ordinary. But now that I moved back to Village Pkwy I happened to visit the hospital again. I took my other dog in today for the ear contamination issue. Dr. Bloomberg told me that she would take my dog in the backroom and inspect her ear and clean it. I asked her for what valid reason she should have been taken to the back and why not glimpse inside it and affirm an ear disease in the test room. From my past experiences, this is how it’s ALWAYS been done. She told me that she expected to take a gander at it through a magnifying instrument and it should be thoroughly cleaned. Without a gauge or synopsis of what the charges would have been, she took my dog to the back. I wasn\’t given a gauge until I requested one just before swiping my card. $169!! It is exceptionally irritating as a pet proprietor to have a vet take your canine to the back and play out whatever they please while piling on the bill. I was charged for a 58$ test expense, 36$ for ear cytology, 32$ for ear drops, and 40$ for the ear cleaning. I was likewise put off to some degree by the unprofessionalism of Dr. Bloomberg, When I argued about how the charges were unreasonably high, she told me that the charges were ordinary which is completely false because I have an idea about what other vets would charge for ear infections. I was baffled, and can\’t state that I will keep coming here after this experience. After a week, they sent me an immunization update through email. I arranged a meeting with them to get the antibodies for my dog. After I checked in, Dr.Tanner checked my dog\’s temperature, teeth, and ears (took her inside the test room for around 2 minutes). I thought it\’s simply ordinary daily practice before the immunizations. Be that as it may when I got the bill receipt its $114 for 2 anitbiotics!!! I was stunned, at that point I looked cautiously, there was a $58 physical test and consultation charge which I didn\’t request and I was not told that they will even do that. $28 for the immunization is totally over the normal cost(normal is $15-20). Presently I need to pay $58 for something I didn\’t request. My dog is in an awesome condition, for what reason would I need a physical test and counsel? All I needed were simply meds for my dog and nothing more. After being fooled by them several times I am never going back there. They have lost a customer forever.

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