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Tom Fazakerley is a pathological liar. He created two companies (DIGIHUBB & HUBB Live) in an attempt to tour out YouTube artists. However, he failed to pay any of his 13 staff members their paychecks, despite being owed for over a year’s wages. Additionally, he owes major production companies over $150,000 each for booking shows, then no-showing. He owes a bus company $50,000 for booking buses last minute, then refusing to pay them due to an alleged technicality in the terms and conditions. I was hired by Tom as a production manager. I was hired September 2012, with the first paycheck arriving in February and the first tour in March or April. He claimed it was a banking issue. I gave him sufficient leeway on it, however after a few months without a paycheck still, I had to maxx several credit cards, which adversely affected my credit score. We tried to rush the first North American tour, which ended up being a total flop. To summarize everything, I was left for dead by him in Los Angeles Airport with a bogus credit card. He put the remaining staff on a bus from Ohio to LA to try and resume a tour, only to cancel it the day they arrived in LA. Then he expected them to travel back to the east coast via bus, over a two-week trip. On top of everything, he made lewd, mysogynistic marks about his female staff, as well as female acts, and sexualized them. All in all, he has about $700,000 worth of debt with companies. He needs mental help, and is now trying to evade me online. I’ve gotten word that he’s trying to start a third touring company and start a tour again, all the while having this outstanding debt. He is a monster, a liar, and a con artist, and needs to be deported to the United States from the UK to stand for his crimes. .

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