Tom Ferry, YourCoach, Tom Ferry Real Estate Coaching Santa Barbara California Review


I am posting this review because I hope that noone else is taken advantage or treated as I have been by the Tom Ferry organization.I can go on and on about how the coaches employed by Tom Ferry really don’t offer the same level of substance and coaching that Tom Ferry promotes at his seminars. They are far from it and this is therefore very deceiving and misleading. I did coaching for a year and tried 2 different coaches who both ended up just having conversations with me instead of doing their job and offering me new tools, ideas, and coaching so that I could improve my business. All for 2 calls and $499 which at one point became 4 calls and $999 per month. I did not make any additional sales as a result of the coaching and I did everything I was told to do.Long story short, even though I did not agree to another 12 month contract, Tom Ferry’s organization has unreasonably charged my credit card without my authorization and demanded that I pay for another 12 month contract. After doing everything I could to try to work it out with the organization ( I even wrote Tom Ferry with the intentions of trying to work this out and never got any response from him), I have had to hire an attorney to resolve this issue as it has been made evidently clear that their only concern is making money and is not helping people, which is what Tom Ferry presents and promotes. I would strongly recommend AGAINST doing any business with Tom Ferry and his organization. Furthermore, if you have had an experience similar to mine, please send me a message and contact me as I am finding that there are many more of us out there that have been taken advantage of. I don’t wish anyone else to be deceived and taken advantage of like this.

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