Tommy Rizza – Lakewood Ranch, Florida Florida


Tommy Rizza seemed sweet and was having a hard time after a loss in his family, I fell for it, and thought I could trust him. Found out how many other girls he had on the side, and was hurt by it at first. Only to find he’s still married, and even telling her he’s working on himself, and going home to her! Shes the 3rd wife, and he’s still cheating, as he’s done to all of them. The first two, he claims they were cheating on him, don’t fall for it! Now he’s spreading lies about being legally separated or divorced, and claims she’s abusive to get your sympathy! It worked for a while on me, but don’t fall for it! The restraining order is on him! He has 4 kids with the 3 wives, and only cares about them when he doesn’t have tail to chase or someone else to blow them off for. So far behind on child support, but will be happy you take you out. Also claims to be a personal trainer, ask for his certifications before falling for this too! Currently a nursing student at Kaiser University, Sarasota. Yes, he wants to be a murse. I’m sure he’ll get lots of “patients” there too!

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