Complaint: On June 24th Tommys took my Truck and now they are saying I can’t get my Truck back. It is ran by T Rock Investments and Rosie says they have no number and they only contact them thru email. When he contacted her he said he not giving me my truck back because they took it. I went up there with $600 to get my truck back and you not gonna give it to me. I did advise you can’t put that on my credit nor can you negatively impact me because i had the money and you refuse to give it to me but let it be known you will clean it up and resell it. Ok by law you can’t do that and the truck is over 10 years old. T Rock has been doing this to many people and now its time for you to get out the business bruh. You have wronged lots of people. I advs Rosie Ill pay her on Monday but it was only Wed. I only owe 3 more payments and you took my truck for what to make more okay now it’s time to get the law involved. Yall are a rip off. I kept my receipts and paid cash. They took my truck with all my work things in it and then I had to wait the next day to get it because they moved my truck some where else. I got the money and they will not let me get my truck so Ill report yall and by me another truck T Rock.

Tags: Junk Dealers

Address: 2309 E Lancaster Ave FORT WORTH, Texas USA


Phone: (817) 534-2309

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