Toms River Transmissions Review


T r transmission 1575 rt. 37w. suite 12 toms river, n.j. 08755 Written – november 9, 2019. my parents sought assistance from a friend to locate a transmission for their ford explorer. tom”s transmission appeared to have less expensive rebuilt transmissions. on august 27, 2019, the transmission was ordered. $1250.00 this business requires payment via electronic check. do not send this scam / fraud company any money! Immmediately, they endorsed and cashed the check. weeks went by as I regularly contacted this business, via email, to ensure I have all correspondence documented. I inquired about the date of delivery for the transmission. j.r., lnu, would reply to emails that he was waiting for a part, waiting for a truck to pick up the transmission for delivery, all lies! fraudulent information sent accross states lines via email therefore, in violation of federal law. “interstate commerce.” I searched their business web page and finally located their refund policy. although I now know this “company” is a scam now, it states they have 6 weeks to ship the transmission. if your transmission is not received within six weeks, you must write them and request a refund. Then, their site states they have an additional two weeks before they will mail you a refund. still contacting the business, I waited the six weeks required per their scam refund policy. I sent a letter requesting a full refund. two weeks later, I emailed this company to check on the status of the refund. They emailed me that the check had been mailed. they did not mail the check so it could be tracked. a week later an enveople arrived with a check. a hand written / addressed envelope which appeared to be written by child or someone who could not spell / or is illiterate. No company envelope with a business name etc.. the check was deposited. it would not clear. insuffient funds. this is in violation of the state of new jersey laws concerning bad checks / fradulent checks. to date, the refund check will not clear. I will be fling legal action against this company. both a civil federal proceding and a civil proceeding in the state district court that has jusridiction concerning this business. if others have been ripped off by this company, I am willing to assist anyone with filing law suits against this company. you must have proper documents that verify your loss. (emails, recorded conversation, written correspondence, returned check etc..) there are statutes of limitations / time requirments to file proceedings. contact me and I will review your situation.

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