Toni Lynn – Masontown, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania


The first time I met Toni Lynn, I was with my husband at a mutual friendís house. Toni was his nephewís soon-to-be ex-wife. Little did I know at that point that she had already given him a BJ a few days prior. I felt that feeling like something was up with her, but I didnít see her as competition, so I tried to dismiss it. My husband and her had an affair that didnít last long before I found out, but she lied through her crooked teeth about all of it. I warned her to stay away, only to find out afterwards that she called him to hook up again! She knew we were married for 12 years, but she still wanted him and didnít care at all. Sheís disgusting and I went through multiple tests to make sure she didnít spread any STDís to either of us. My husband figured out afterwards that he wasnít the only one hanging around, so she probably had someone elseís hubby on the hook, too. Nasty!

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