Tonia M. Wolfe – Marrietta, California California


Tonia M. Wolfe currently works at Creatwood Tavern in Smyrna, GA and will even write her phone number on your man’s check while she is working! This balding, acne scarred woman may initially come across as a homely energetic, fun Yankee.. living in GA, but DO NOT BE FOOLED! She loves dogs just as much as she does her infamous “bouncing” on any man’s d**k.. married or not. She is so insecure that she even thrives on having repeated intercourse with MARRIED men in their own personal basement.. with his wife and children only a few doors away!! She is a proud alcoholic that frequents bars from anywhere in Atlanta all the way to Douglasville .. She loves to get off on other women’s men.. and she laughs and lies when confronted. She is so nasty and desperate that she will go to whatever lengths possible to destroy any family with no guilt whatsoever. She claims to want a good “chivalrous” man, all the while she destroys other mens’ families and is well aware of what she is doing when she does it. Beware of this lonely, middle aged woman searching for any man that she can get to accept her. She only works at bars, taverns, or “It Works” where she can pass a drug test with help of management, and brags about it. She is an avid marijuana smoker and full blown homewrecker with no conscience. Beware of this woman who pretends to be the complete opposite of what she really is.

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