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Complaint: FRAUD INVESTIGATION NEEDED; Tony Abbot, Information commission and The big banks’ plans to STEAL billions of dollars in unclaimed money from Australiansc and no one will be the wiser. The heading in the Sunday Herald from the 18th of March, 2015 reads u2018Abbott Government to reverse Laboru2019s $550m raid on Australiansu2019 lost savings accountsu2019 The article a liberal party classic where stating the exact opposite to the truth & twisting facts so unrecognisably, that the reader can not decipher the lies. Tony Abbott Talks about two issues, one u2018protecting peopleu2019s privacyu201d by changing the legislation as to allow ASIC to remove and hide important public information data which can help Australians in tracking hundreds of millions of dollars in lost and unclaimed money. According to Mr Abbot who is in cahoots with the information commissioner its to protect privacy of those Australians, failing to mention that the ACTUAL result of the changes he is proposing is that it will become very difficult for individuals and organisations in tracking their money or ever claiming it, resulting in the government keeping billions of dollars owed to Australians! One needs to ask Mr Abbot why in the age of NO FREEDOM OF PRIVACY the age of facebook & LinkedIn, and twitter where anyone can be located in less than 60 seconds flat, we have no privacy, so why is Abbott so concerned with the Australian peopleu2019s u201c privacyu201d? could it be that restricting that information will result in the his government leally stealing billions of dollars from the Australian public by restricting their capacity to know these funds are theirs an limiting their capacity to claim these funds all under the guise of protecting their interest. What the article didnu2019t tell you is that Tony Abbott and the liberal party are in no way interest in protecting Australian peopleu2019s interests in fact the liberal government cares SO LITTLE they made the decision to disband the Office of Information commissioner in the last budget see link;, What they are interested in is helping themselves to BILLIONS of dollars belonging to Australian currently being recovered and out of their greedy little hands, they are changing the legislation in order to help themselves to those billions of dollars, by restricting access to ASIC gazette for the general public. Liberals are helping their u201cfriendsu201d the banks in also keeping billions of dollars in lost bank account money by reversing laws allowing banks to in effect u201c keepu201d lost funds in their possession for a period of 7 years before having to report it as lost. Tony Abbot justifies this by claiming to protect Australianu2019s savings. He simply fails to mention how the banks retaining lost funds and eroding these funds through fees and charges and having use of these funds for almost a decade actually PROTECTS the fund owners interests. This is THEFT Mr Abbot. If these changes are past through the senate they will be the biggest robbery of the Australian people by its government in the history of all robberies!

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