Tonya Koehne – Pembroke, Georgia Georgia


Tonya decided to would be totally okay to screw a woman’s fiancée well she was staying at the Ronald McDonald House. The women was there because her daughter almost died and was born very early. Tonya took it upon herself to not only invite him into her room mind you I’ve been told her room was across the hall from this women and finacees room… not only did she invite him in while his finacee was across the hall sleeping, she had sex with him and left tiny ass scratches on his love handles to try and leave her mark. Then later when Tonya was confronted about it she fake apologized all the while smiling when telling this poor women she’s the reason scratches where down her finacees back. Tonya’s a real winner using her daughters go fund me as means to buy w**d. Tonya has been known to mess with taken man and suck d*ck for w**d and other things. After apologizing to this women for screwing her finacee she then went and begged him to come get her and brig her to his fiancées house claiming that she wanted to be with him now because his finacee said she was done with him. Pathetic white trash hoe bag. It takes two but she’s sure playing that pitty poor me card.

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