Tonya Sunshine – Detroit, Michigan Michigan


Sunshine Tonya knew my husband was married and she knew we had children. Tonya and my husband thought sexting with pics and videos were OK. My husband said it was just porn to him but if that was the case then why did he hide it. Come to find out she talks to all the guys on Clash of Clans and Kik like this. So, if you’re bored I bet she should send them to you too if you talk sweetly to her. Her favorite thing to tell people that play clash is “don’t tell anyone, I don’t want to be the clash w****” well guess what YOU ARE! She has no self-respect and apparently, she’s attention starved bc who puts pics/videos out there just for the hell of it to men she has never met! I feel sorry for her daughter Katelynn. She has HOMEWRECKER for a role model. Children weren’t asked to be brought into this world but at least put your children first and clean yourself up. This woman is obviously too self-centered for that.

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