Top Shelf Trailers- Gave me an incomplete trailer!


I requested an 8×20 encased trailer 3 months back from Top Shelf trailers in Jacksonville, FL. I put in the request, paid the $500.00 and was told the trailer would be delivered in 4 days. I held up seven days, hadn\’t heard anything. I anxiously called their office and they couldn\’t even find my order which was placed so many days back. That is the point at which the warning starts to fly. Some woman called me and revealed to me that Richard is out and he will call me when he will return. Long story short, Richard contacted me and revealed that my trailer will be delivered the following day, but the next day passed and I hear nothing. I called the workplace once again and Richard told me that now there has been a little issue. The driver who was doing the delivery had a blow out with my brand new ordered trailer. He went on to clarify that he will be late in doing the delivery since he is pulling the trailer on 3 wheels! He didn\’t have an extra tire! Finally, when the driver does arrive the trailer is inclining, the leaf spring U jolt is truly crushing on black-top and they need me to accept the trailer? No chance!!!
The trailer was incomplete, parts and jolts lying inside. Trim pieces tumbling off! A real piece of trash! The delivery fellow was extremely lazy and drunk; it seems he was not driving properly either. They hire inefficient people for work. This is one of their many faults. He even asked me to give him cash to get back home but I refused. He then tried to convince me that this is his delivery fee. I felt awful, disgusted and was completely speechless. I gave him the delivery fee and he left on 3 wheels. I called up their office again to let them know about the faulty trailer and delivery fee. I realized the delivery guy had taken an extra $ 200 for himself which wasn’t even required. The manager refused to accept that the delivery man did a fraud. I then realized I could never recover my money ($500 for trailer and $ 200 delivery fee). After a few days, they sent me an email revealing to me that I made the wrong decision by not enabling them to get me another trailer. Therefore, they could not give me any refund. For what reason would I need to purchase anything from them after how they have behaved? I asked them about the maximum carrying capacity of this new trailer, they indicated \”if the trailer was recently utilized economically it might have just met its heap and stress life\” I have never heard this before. I am a genuine dedicated person that has been scammed by the individuals at Top Shelf Trailers. They are the ones that defaulted and now attempting to move the blame to me. This is how they conduct their business? Cheap trailers, poor and inefficient workmanship, you will be sorry like I am.

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