Tornado Office Supply – Parker Anderson Bloomington Minnesota Review


February 2007 With over 30 years of office experience, Parker was quite the conperson talking me into a great deal. I confirmed her prices as my regular vendor’s prices were very close to her pricing. I asked three times if the price of .39 cents was for 12 boxes so that made each box’s cost less than 3 cents and she confirmed it. I again asked it for the pens and the markers. Oh yes, she said. I heard her correctly. 39 cents for a dozen boxes of clips sold in the gross. nSo my final total was $544.88, correct, plus shipping. Great, I took & wrote down my order, confirmed with my boss by email what I was getting and what the total was before shipping, $544.88. Steal of a deal! That’s right, Parker tried to steal money from our company by scaming us by creating an invoice that stated the total of near $6,000 ( or .39 a box of clips multiplied by 144. you get the idea. nOutrageous. Now listen, even a 5th grader knows a scam when they see one and I thought I did too. In fact, I am really good at spotting them out. but I had her verbal confirmation several times on the low prices and I was expecting that quote sheet to arrive. It never did, the supplies did and are in our closet. I left her a message and said. send a corrected invoice in the amount of $544.88 or you have 24 hours to pick the supplies up on your shipping account. nAfter that, it’s all a gift to the company. No quote, no final total confirmed in writing, no “invoice”” for over 60-90days later

just waiting for me to “”forget”” the original total of $544.88. Not here lady! Come on and mess with me and I will take you on! I can’t wait to get a phone call and if she doesn’t call

she just gave us a ton of free supplies. Oh


our company sells “”loggers”” like the 911 callback systems. yeah if she wants to contest what she told me

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