Torrie A Montoya – Streator, Illinois Illinois


Beware she travels all over the USA for her job!! This woman becomes “friends” with men she works with on the pipeline and then slowly causes problems in the married mans life by putting it their heads their wife is crazy or they don’t need them. Then, once the wife finds out, she threatens the wife and the husband’s job and acts like she’s innocent! Even after my husband told her he didn’t want to be friends anymore and to leave him alone, she kept texting and asking what am I supposed to do now? And when I talked to her, she kept saying my husband would always be her friend and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it!! She even went after a recent widowed man by having him move in because he couldn’t handle living in the house where his wife passed and threw herself at him over and over again until he finally moved out! Oh, and you can tell her photos are filtered. She’s really an ugly woman in person!!! And to top it all off she’s a convicted felon!! Steer clear of this one!!

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