Total Protect Home Warranty


I am very disappointed in the service and concern for this claim to get resolved and not simply it is denied. I understand that things are not covered and I am not asking for uncovered items to be repaired or replaced only what is covered and this is being ignored. I have had maintenance work performed on my system by a company you all sent to my home prior that said the maintenance work needed to be done. I had no problem paying $225 out of pocket for that work to be performed. But when this other company you all send to my home says that same maintenance work needs to be done I have a problem. The company that you sent out prior is standing by their work and that they did proper maintenance work and does not know why this new company would say that is the reasoning for the breakdown. I have an old unit no denying that and I have maintained and maintained and maintained and maintained. I do not know how much more maintenance needs to be done for the repairs to be approved and completed. This has been going on for a week now and it has gotten cold and their is a 2yr. old child in the house who needs heat. I sent all maintenance records and they keep saying wires from my AC unit outside are all chewed up and that is why my heating element is not working, which is funny because my AC works fine! They are not in the business of providing home owners with a peace of mind but causing them worry and stress while they drain their customers pockets with service call fees from companies they seen out that only spend 5-10 mins at the most diagnosing a problem. Their customer service is the worst and just place you on hold and transfer from person to person.. I demand Reimbursement for having a new AC/heating unit installed. I don’t recommend them

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