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TOWEY PRODUCTIONS, LLC is an audio & video A/D conversion service studio located in Gig Harbor, Washington (maintaining a P.O. Box in nearby Vaughn, WA), and the recording and production studio can be reached by phone at 253-857-4766. The following complaint letter details what turned-out to become an irritating ripoff perpetrated against me by the aforementioned service company: | Greetings Dan, | It is with the greatest degree of sorrow and regret that I must compose and convey this correspondence to you. I really had come to believe that you would be able to successfully complete my audio A/D conversion project and I had faith in your technical skill, competence, and overall experience …. so that is why it pains me to have to provide you the following description of ultimate disaster. | Please imagine, if you will, my stark surprise (and abject heartsick upset) when I first popped all the CDs into the player in wide-eyed anticipation of delight, only to find myself to be all too soon disillusioned and stricken with demoralizing devastation — to put it mildly — when the music I was listening to progressively began to become very inconsistent, characterized by a procession of deteriorating events resulting in drag, skip, stutter, flutter, wow, and steady bogging-down to a slow, slow, ever-slowing crawl…..then speeding-up a little here-and-there, and then slowing-down again….and again — I’m sure you get the picture here!!!! Quite actually, I became absolutely stunned, horrified — and I must confess, even a bit mortified, to be sure — over such an incredulous experience indeed, and quite a huge mood swing within a very short passage of time — a real emotional roller-coaster ride if ever there was one …. my heart just sank and my soul wept openly!!!! Moreover, add to that shock & awe the fact that I had just kissed $145.00 goodbye, and it should not be so difficult for you to understand my desperate frustration and despondent demoralization over the terrible experience I was made to suffer through. As an aside, I must confess that I had also experienced a modicum of “sticker-shock”, if you will, at the $145.00 price tag. I was expecting to have this service delivered for under $100.00 ….. I guess that can be construed as a measurement of just how out-of-touch-with-reality I’ve allowed myself to become in recent years. The bottom-line here is this: out of the totality of material contained on 6 CDs, only a small fraction, if anything at all, is viable …. leaving the majority of material unsuitable, unacceptable, and therefore usable for my intended purposes. | Sans further ado, I will take this opportunity in order to welcome you to the aforementioned nightmare via provision of technical details, as follows: | 1. On the majority of tracks there exists an appreciable degree of frequently-occurring intermittent faults and inconsistencies — most notably, of course, the wow-and-flutter wavering phenomenon, considerable drag, and the ever-aggravating episodic slow-down/speed-up occurrences — all accompanied by occasional high-pitched background scratching, squeaking & squealing — arguably due to the effects of tape material degradation and sloughing-off of tape surface emulsion as the tape is running through the transport rollers and across the head assemblies…..yanno, all that stuff that’s right up there in your wheelhouse. | 2. Another common negative attribute shared among the majority of tracks is apparent overall imbalance between stereo channels, allowing for a dampening effect to occur with regard to information from one channel versus the other, and also the rather conspicuous multiple occurrences of pervasive signal weakness, crucial volume losses, and attendant “down-in-the-mud” murkiness, distortion, and many other suppressed critical instrumental elements of importance — e.g., numerous negatively affected guitar and piano fills….and guitar solos…..along with loss of some volume & impact of background vocals, and also some percussion elements as well…..especially cymbal crashes. | 3. There seems to be a prevalent lack of boost, “umph”, treble, crispness, and clarity shared among many of the tracks too — at least to my ear — and a lot of the overall “punch” seems to be missing much of the time, as far as I can perceive. Some of this may of course be due to the conversion/transfer process in-and-of-itself (perhaps some semblance of the “necessary evils” one may have to put-up-with), and some deficiencies may also be due to digital manipulation for purposes of enhancing signal-to-noise ratio improvement components, overall noise reduction, compression/expansion to create and/or maintain optimal headroom, stereo channelization difficulties, and possible phase problems, and/or other “phantom” occurrences, etc. — and all that kinda stuff that you know so much more about than I do — obviously — ‘cos you are the PRO and I’m just the trusting client !!!! | In all my present disppointment, discouragement, and frustration, I find myself at somewhat of a loss as to exactly what to do and how I should proceed from this point forward, and I solicit your assistance and advice in that regard. If you can save the file containing my presently digitized material in your database until we get this mess straightened-out, I would be most appreciative and also quite relieved. Perhaps the data preserved can be optimized and we can take another run at getting it all properly transferred to CD format, or perhaps there will be other options you may come-up-with. Another possible option that I can provide is to supply you with known-good CASSETTE tapes containing all the same analog material as was found on the reel-to-reel tapes, and then you can utilize that particular media from which to properly digitize the material and make it sound consistent, dynamic, and thus acceptable, as apropos. | Thank you in-advance for enduring this dissertation and for considering provision of a solution in order to effect timely satisfaction of this request. Take good care of you & yours and be well always!!! | Brightest Blessings,


  • Name: Towey Productions, LLC.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Washington
  • City: Gig Harbor
  • Address: 10021 128th Ave Ct Kp N
  • Phone: (253) 906-8395
  • Website:

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