Town Of Apple Valley / Code Enforcement


Complaint: The town of Apple Valley, located in California, discriminates against non-owner occupied property owners by: A) Charging a $75 annual inspection fee to non-owner occupied property owners, but not performing the same service on owner-occupied property owners. B) Writing code violations citations on non-owner occupied properties, while completely ignoring owner-occupied violations. Even when being made aware of the fact. C) The town has ambiguous ordinances/codes which use words like “stuff”” and “”junk””

Tags: Government Services

Address: which have no definitions as to what these terms refer to. What is stuff and what about junk? Basically

Website: you have no weeds. I receive notice from the owner that they received a citation for overgrowth/dead vegetation and non-operable vehicles. That I needed to correct the problem. I asked the owner for a copy of the citations and went to the town hall the next day. I asked for a copy of the city codes and was told that they don’t have them there

Phone: the codes are poorly wrighten so the town can interpret them how they deem fit. D) The code enforcement officers commit perjury. Every tenant I’ve run across in the town has been cited for overgrowth/dead vegetation. It’s a default item code enforcement puts on there citations

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