Toys R Us rosslyn Virginia Review


Last Sunday, me and my friend went to Toys R Us in Arlington to purchase a gift. We checked out the Play Station 2 Games, and decided for a Career Challenge F1 game. We already own several of them, and we wanted the latest on Form. 1. As soon as we got home, we put the game on to enjoy our new purchase. To put it simple: we didn’t like it. We just didn’t like the game. nEven though in the back of the package said ‘2002-2003’ this game presented an older format than others from 2002. So we decided to take it back and exchange it for another one, we figured we could do this since people are allowed to change their minds, and that just by getting another one -same or cheaper price- we’ll be happy. We went back on Monday and the employees said that because it was opened they could not take it back; the only thing they could do was -because it had been opened- to exchange it for the EXACT SAME GAME. OK, so what sense does that make? nSo -I thought- are you telling me that I am stocked with a $43 PS2 video game that I won’t even play ever again because I don’t even like it? Are you telling me that I have no right to change my mind and go from though to soft if I feel like it? nI was not happy when I heard this, I even sugested an exchange for a cheaper game, they would not accept. So I decided to try the store manager. We aproached a different counter and asked for the manager on duty, ‘In regards of what?’ was the answer, I started explaining the situation, but before I was finished I was interrupted by the ringing of the phone at the counter. When I looked over at the Video Game counter, I saw the employee that had denied me the refund talking on the phone also -what a coincidence, huh?- and looking directly towards us, so I realized that he was instructing the other employee on what to do about us. I got so mad, that I just walked away, othewise I would have said something very nasty to that…#$%^&* guy. nSo in the end I had to go to another video game store, where they buy used games, and get a credit of $14 for my $42 brand new game, plus $26.11 for the new game that I bought from this store, a game that I already knew and that would not have to return, and as it is, we are very happy with it. nSo if you ever buy something from Toys R Us, don’t even think about changing your taste. nCnrosslyn, VirginiaU.S.A.

Arlington, Virginia U.S.A.

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