Brooklyn New York Review


I ordered a hard-to-find Monster High doll from this website at a good price — so good, that I ordered a second one a few moments later, along with a Barbie I had been hoping to buy.nThe money came right out of my account via PayPal debit card. The transaction seemed legitimate, as I received order confirmation emails immediately. I did the transactions via my cell phone, something I normally would not do, because I had become desperate in my search for this particular doll, who was impossible to find in stores or online at retail price. nI had an uneasy feeling, maybe because I did it from my phone, or maybe because it was just too good to be true, so I looked online when I got home. My orders each had a link to Account Status which said “Payment Accepted””. nNervously waited for a couple of days and checked the status frequently

which never changed. Then I googled. nTurns out

a former employee/consultant of another company affiliated/owned by the same person was so outraged by the conduct at this other company ( I believe) that he launched an expose-style website. nI did not act

because I was hoping this was just a disgruntled employee. I kept waiting. n-Sent several inquiring messages via web form (no response)n-Attempted to call the phone # on the paypal invoice (straight to generic voice mail with “”The mailbox is full”” message… annoying)n-Emailed the address listed on the paypal invoice (bounced back)n-Thought “”maybe it’s a typo”” and fixed the email address to what it would be logically

still a bounceback. nA further google search of the phone # and website name came up with almost NOTHING…except for some rather dubious domain name registration information

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