TR Garland California


Complaint: After receiving an email from TR Garland out of nowhere regarding his class, I signed up for his 10-day free trial. I then emailed him to ask about the class and seconds later my home phone rang. It was TR Garland ensuring me that his Linkedin class is exactly what I need in order to get clients for my business. I signed up for his class after checking that he offers a money back guarantee. I have taken many online classes and can say that TR Garland’s Linkedin class is inferior in quality to most other online classes I’ve taken and TR Garland is by far the most deceptive and flakey instructor. He shows off a picture of himself together with Brian Tracy, clearly trying to gain credibility for himself, but at the same time tarnishing Brian Tracy’s reputation. TR Garland promised that people who sign up by a certain date would receive a free coaching session valued at $1,000. First, it is laughable that a one-hour session with him would be worth $1,000. Second, I never received the free session although I did pay the $997 prior to the date required. In the class description it said that we would get two webinars per week, one of them would be taught by TR Garland and the other by Tamarie Tigh whom he refers to as his “concierge””. TR Garland was absent most weeks and didn’t teach the class as he was supposed to. He had all kinds of excuses for why he wasn’t able to teach. His father in law got sick

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Address: then his own father got sick

Website: he left town for one month. He had run out of content for the class I had paid $997 for. The class was supposed to be 12 weeks long. It started on October 10th

Phone: then TR himself and his family got sick. On top of it

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