TR Investments Subway Review


The owners of the Rochester Subway do not care about people, when it comes down to it their bottom line is the dollar amount. They have had lost several loyal employees just because they simply did not trust them and treated them poorly. Myself I have seen many good people and co-workers leave or be fired because they could simply not stand to work for these souless beings. Four years of loyalty and giving up all my free time to run a store that did nothing for me except bring me a paycheck and have all of us wondering what they were saying behind our backs or how they honestly felt about us as employees. I have personally seen them make fun of employees because of the way they talk or walk or just simply worked, while they stood back and laughed like hyenas, all I could do was look at them with disgust. They also make fun of their customers and run them off if they are simply talking, but not there to buy food. When you want a day off and they need you they expect you to come in, reguardless of what you’re doing. When I first started there we didn’t even have scheduled breaks, until one of our co-workers went to L&I to report this, and then we suddenly got them. But they still don’t care if were so busy we can’t take a break. Every year it doesn’t seem to fail that the a.c. will go out in the store and they expect you to work there all day in the heat and bake bread, last year I had a co-worker leave because of it and the employees that did work were told they would make more money and they could get all the bottle beverages they liked on the store, because of the heat, in the end they had to pay for all they had consumed. Another co-worker got heat exhaustion from working in those conditions. Shortly after this I tried to get a shift covered by a co-worker and I got upset because the owners were mad in the past that this worker couldn’t cover shifts, so they try to cut her hours back, then they said they wanted another girl to work it, I simply said that’s fine, it’s your store and your call in the end. That was the end of that, until I got a call from the girl who was working telling me that Gordon told her “If she threatens you with anything you need to let us know”. I’m very close with my co-workers and am glad she told me this, so I confronted Gordon, his response was simply we can’t trust people because you never know what they are going to do, we have had people do this in the past. I told him I’ve been loyal and trusting all these years, you should know what kind of a person I am, and I would never threaten, or bully my friends and co-workers. After this incident when they would come down to the store he wouldn’t look at me or even talk to me for 3-4 months, like I’d hurt his ego. All I wanted was to be appreciated and trusted, but it doesn’t matter how long you work or how hard, they will never trust anyone. Recently I tried to take time off to spend time with my husband because he is deploying to Afghanistan, and not knowing what was coming they told me they needed to talk to me one day. So I took the write up, which had falsely accused me of bullying another employee of working on one day I didn’t come in, when I simply asked if she would, and said employee didn’t even know who was asking her on the phone. Another co-worker told Tammy I was “bullying” employees, or she felt this way, and the owners believed her, before even going to speak to this other employee. Prime example of a biased opinion and believing what they choose to. The other offense was that I “refused to come in”, which was not the case, I called as soon as I got the message and they didn’t need me any longer. When I told them I had a lot going on, they knew I was going to college and even praised me for it, and my husband was getting ready to deploy in a few days, that’s when Gordon, one of the owners, told me that the National Guard doesn’t deploy anymore. To which I said they why does my husband have orders to go to Afghanistan? He just laughed, not having any comment, because obviously why would I make this up. Then they preceed to tell me they don’t have to follow the state laws for FMLA because they don’t have 50 employees. To my dismay they were right, but that still doesn’t give them the right to treat people this way, heartless and un-American. I am ashamed to say I would even work for someone like this. They need to be brought to justice for all of their wrong doings. Just because you’re a small business, doesn’t mean you can get away with everything. .

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