Tracey Hudnall O’Shea – Treasure Island, Florida Florida


Tracey is very well-disliked within the neighborhood after her true colors were revealed to all of us. In February 2018, she left her family without consulting her husband of any problems she may have had in their marriage and took $93,000 from her family’s joint bank account, going to Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon (as pictured), and all across the country, now in Florida. This money was solely earned from her husbands years of savings, as she never had a full time job in her entire lifetime. She also demanded half of her ex-husband’s retirement and $900 a month of spousal support on top of that. She did tell her daughter that she was interested in a possible divorce in the months before, but never said that she was going to take off the way she did. On top of the family, she also left three dogs behind. Within the next few months a neighbor revealed that Tracey was “seeking social opportunities” at a bar nearby. This explained why a month before she left she sounded very flirtatious in a phone call she was having with an unknown person. She did mention they were from her job. Tracey is known for her pathological lying. She lies to both family, friends, and attorneys. She tells more than plenty of half truths. If you ever meet her, she will most likely lie to you about her past. She is not to be trusted by anyone and will get very difficult with you if you question anything about her.

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