Tracie Renee Hudson – Beaumont, California California


Tracie works as a nursing director at the local hospital, where she met a married employee. According to her, they became BFFs and would joke around. They soon began snap chatting, thinking that the evidence of their affair would be deleted. But nothing is ever deleted on the internet. Hundreds of snaps between the two of them were discovered, all with a sexual tone, if not right out sexual. Things like, “orgasms cure migraines” “hey gorgeous, you look pretty fucking hot in glasses. you should wear them more often” “I didn’t forget your birthday, i don’t think I loved you yet last year but I won’t ever forget.” She claims that because she’s so much older than him and that because she has a boyfriend, that it couldn’t possibly be anything more than a friend, but do friends say “I’ll always love you, even with your mood swings” Both of them have been confronted with the proof and yet they both deny it was anything more than friendship. The majority of the snaps between them mentioned “being in love” and how hot each other was. That doesn’t seem like something a BFF would say to each other. After confronting Tracie, where she continued to deny everything, she immediately texted him and said “I just talked to her. you owe me!” hmm, I wonder what lies they came up with together? Since they still have to work together, and they obviously can’t tell the truth, i’m done with both of them. They can continue whatever they had going on without the pesky nuisance of him having a wife.

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