Tracy Arguijo Texas Texas


Well where to start this girl Tracy was presented to my husband from a coworker who was fixing her vehicle.  This lady started showing up to my husband’s job.. talking to him.  We at the time were having our problems.. due to money..He was putting in a lot of work.. I come to find out a month later that wasn’t the only thing he was putting in. During our issues we were trying to work things out. Of what I was told she knew he was married and knew he was having problems with me. She I guess took advantage of it. I come to find out from my kids about her they told me what she drives. Unfortunately I still don’t know where she lives. I guess it’s a good thing otherwise. I think I would be sitting in jail now. || I haven’t heard anything of my husband since. The bitch is old fat and ugly. She has 2 kids of her own.. One of them is sick as well .. sad that her mom is hoeing around with married men instead of tending to her babies needs.  My husband’s 29. And I’m 27. We have a sick son whose a liver transplant. plus 3 more. He took my sick son around her. That’s what gets me so heated…yes I know he’s as guilty but overall everything he’s the father of my kids . It hurts to see them cry themselves to sleep. They ask for him all the time, it’s like he disappeared. It’s sad he’s fathering someone else’s kids.. and he can’t even father his own. The only thing I can do is take care of my babies .. and let God handle both of them.

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