Tracy Ontiveros – Eagan, Minnesota Minnesota


Tracy Ontiveros snapchat: tkristine24 real name Tray Ontiveros is well known in Eagan, MN and loves to be around uptown & aqua night club… he is now a woman, had sex change, sleeps with married men and throws it in womans faces with detail. Acts like he is innocent and acts like the victim… he knows all about you and says she doesn’t. Pretends to want a relationship and swears he would not be with anyone in a relationship let alone a married man but lies lies lies as he told me about my husband he was texting to meet him again. Watch for him looks are Deceiving !!! If you see or know some one that’s been with him its really a man and make sure your tested… he is a snake and a fake … and I still can’t believe he is a he… well I could see it in the pics but I just thought it was to much make up… but boy was I wrong.

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