Tradesy Los Angeles California Review


Purchased a counterfeit Louis Viutton purse. Had authenticated by the LV store returned to Tradesy in 2 days won’t refund original payment method. Purchased a LV purse on their site that was misrepresented as authentic. Took the purse to the LV store next day after receiving and was told by 3 certified LV employees that the purse was fake. Sent back to Tradsey in less than 4 days, Refused to issue refund to Affirm (Affirm is involved). Tradesy gave me site credit. I will never buy from them as they misrepresent and do not follow guidelines. Kathy B in the authentication department at Tradesy claims she authenticates all listings. How? By pictures? They have sellers nationally. Plus how do you know the picture that is uploaded to Tradesy is the ACTUAL item before or after Tradesy photshops it? I fell pray to Tradesy’s malicious intent to commit Fraud , Blackmail – giving a credit back to the original form of payment is at their discretion so their “we guarantee to be authentic”” is a lie

they will give you Tradesy Credit which is Bribery and a Currency Scheme.”

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