Trane Review


We replaced two of our air handlers which carried higher SEER Ratings as recommended by Trane. Almost immediately we started noticing a musty odor around those air handles as well as excess condensation. Our allergies went through the roof. After considerable investigation I have found that Trane is aware of the problem. | The basic cause of the above problems is Trane changed the internal coil sizes to meet the new SEER Requirements. What happens is the units cool the air quicker enableing the units to shut off quicker. By doing that the air is not circulated enough over the coils to remove the humidity. This compunded by the fact the units are creating greater condensation creats a nightmare. | There are multiple solutions which all require considerable cost such as varible speed fans, whole house dehumidifiers, Humidistats, or modulating hvac systems. | Trane is aware of this issue but fails to inform the public or offer solutions to homeowners who install their systems.


  • Name: Trane
  • Country: United States
  • State: Missouri
  • City: Bridgeton
  • Address: 20 Corporate Woods Dr.
  • Phone: 800-945-5884
  • Website:

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